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Baked Apple Custard Dessert

I read this recipe several times before I was able to see how the end product would turn out. First, it made no sense but after careful examination, I realized the egg and milk would create a custard in the final product. Next, I got confused on where the top crust was supposed to go? Not that I don’t know where a top crust goes but what I was reading (wrongly) I might add, made no sense at all. So now that I got that figured out and yes, the crust goes on the top. The custard mixture goes directly on the apples. I have to tell you I’m am not a big fan of adding lemon to my apple pies because, in my opinion, it distorts the delicious apple pie flavor. But I may consider doing what they said in this recipe to place the apples into a lemon water bath. However, my only concern is that it may waterlog the apples but then again since the next step is the custard maybe it will actually be O.K. So I think this recipe is ‘OnlineGranny Sharon’ approved!

 Baked apple custard dessert, otherwise called Amish apple fish cake, is going to be served this year for every special occasion!

Source: Don’t Worry, There’s No Fish In This Amish-Inspired Dessert


Barlow’s Blackened Catfish Recipe –


Great reviews on this recipe. I’m trying it out tonight but with several changes.  First, we are not big on hot spicy foods. Oh, and I don’t measure so this is how I season my food for cooking. First I salt the fish on both sides and do the same with the peppers but more sparingly with the peppers since I am working with two peppers of different heat. The salt I will do the same but a bit heavier in my case because I don’t have any lemon pepper. Lemon pepper if you check the label on the back for the lists of ingredients, the pepper is listed first then the salt being second. Main ingredients are listed first. The Italian dressing I will pour some in a bowl and brush on the blackened fish. Fish cooks quite quickly but these fillets I cooking are rather thick so I’ll probably start checking around 15-20 minutes or until it flakes easily with a fork or 145 degrees using an instant-read thermometer. You can also tell by the color if it is cooked. The fish should be opaque, not translucent like when it is raw. It should break apart easily when nudged with the fork. (OnlineGranny)

Turned out great but still a bit too hot for us.

Lawry’s Lemon Pepper ingredients; Black Pepper, Salt, Modified Food Starch, Citric Acid, Lemon Peel, Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Natural Flavor, Riboflavin (For Color).

A Cajun spice mixture transforms blackened catfish fillets into a baked Southern delight!

Source: Barlow’s Blackened Catfish Recipe –